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The Basic Storyline

Neo-Queen Selenity ran out the door, surprised that the Sailor Quartet wasn't there. She took out her last resort: her ginzuishou. The battered senshi surrounded her, as well as Endymion. The Ginzuishou, Golden Crystal, and the set of our planetary Sailor Crystals shimmered. Selenity strained. Suddenly, with all the power she's gained in the past, defeating each of her enemies while fighting as Sailormoon, absorbing each and every one of their abilities, power surging through its nucleus... then...

The Ginzuishou shattered into dust.

The other crystals, not having their support (the ginzuishou) for their straining, shattered also. The Earth exploded. Before she died, Neo Queen did something. She took the shards of the jewels, and unknowingly, they fused together in weird formations. She used the last usable energy she had to send everyone to the future, on the Moon, in hopes of a better life.

Meanwhile, inside Illusion, Helios was searching through the Ancient Temple, to find out what's wrong. It shattered, and he was merged with the Earth's energies, but he died with it, and was reborn on the moon also. He also absorbed some of the sun's energy, when it burst. However, it was quickly sealed off by Earth's explosion, leaving a huge gaping hole in Earth...

Welcome to the world of Lunar. On this planet, we have a huge star that rotates around us, which we call The Blue Star. However, the more formal term is Gaia. The Angel Gabriel made life possible on Lunar. However, as legend goes, she was split into the Goddess, Yahriel, and the Devil, Lucifer.

The Goddess used the Chaos Stones, and her Four Holy Beasts, to seal away the Devil and her children into the Wastelands, called the Frontier. They are now known as the Dark Tribe, residing in the one place where Yahriel's magic could not touch. They then were slowly dying for five hundred years, for the frontier is as desolate as a desert. It was surrounded by a normal dessert for miles, so the Dark Tribe could not escape, or attempt to escape, for many, many years..

The Chaos Stones scattered across the lands. We do not know where they are, or how many of them actually exist. Each stands for a specific element which was aided to sealing away the Devil.

In the past, many people fought off the Dark Tribe with the power of the Four Holy Beasts, Yahriel's power, and the Angel Armor. These people were known as the Angel Warriors who protected Yahriel and her children, the people of Lunar. The last one, Scyther, died fiften years ago by an unknown cause.

Ankino was a cheerful girl, and wished she could become the next Angel Warrior. She grew up as an adopted person to her lifelong friend, Hino. She finally decides to go to Athena's Cave (one of the Four Holy Beasts), where she will learn about her destiny...

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