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Character Roles

Here are some of the pre-set roles some characters have. Please follow them, as they are important to the plot.

Sailorluna - The main character. She becomes the Angel Warrior near the end, and gathers power from the Four Holy Beasts and Yahriel herself. This character is taken.

Sailorhermes - Her civilian form: Her father was one of the Five Heroes so many years ago, and she's currently studying at Yahriel's Shrine to become a priestess. Its up to you what to do with her mother. As a priestess, she gains additional abvilities to heal injuries to a few characters. This character is taken.

Sailorares - She secretly works with Neodymium, and is revealed to be a traitor before we head off to the Frontier. She will disappear for a while, and when we're in the Frontier after the blimp is fixed (which she destroyed), we defeat her (in her super magically enchanced robo armor made by a mad scientist), she becomes one of us again. She's also a student at the Magic School. This character is taken.

Sailoraphrodite - Ankino's best friend, she starts with us at the start. This character is taken.

Sailorgaea - She's the heir to the throne of the Magic School, in the magic Floating Island. The Island floats around, circling Yahriel's Shrine. This character is taken.

Sailorhades - Mistress of the Underworld, Sailorhades plays a real minor role. When we enter the Underworld, we must consult with her to go to Hera's Fortress, which is located in the Underworld. She goes along with us to locate the mysterious spell which has been causing her undead servants to faint randomly. After that, she stays in the Underworld after we leave.

Helios Kamen - Like Tuxedo-boy in the past, he gets kidnapped before we can find the second Holy Beast. He should play an instrument. He also posesses the special "seed" which will allow the Dark Tribe to power their creation, and made him bond with their leader. He begins with us at the start of the story, and since we have a strict storyline for the climax, we control him after he gets kidnapped and brainwashed. This character is taken.

Sailorchronos - The Guardian of time. She used to be the last Angel Warrior, but mysteriously disappeared fifteen years ago. She was reborn in the Underworld, and served Hades. After she served her well, she was inposession with the Time stone, and became the Guardian of Time. She sometimes visits the team, and assists Ankino when necessary. She plays a really small role. This character is taken.

Sailorposeidon and Sailoraeolus - The two guardians on the Power Prairie. They also play a minor role. They also guard Demeter's Cave, which is sacred to them. They help out when two or more of the current soldiers faint from the magical music emitting from the Cave. After that encounter, they help out again to get into the Dark Fortress, which was guarded by hoards of monsters, so that the soldiers could get in.

Sailorzeus - The protector of the Nirvana Pass, the road connecting the three continents. Whether or not you make her a minor character or a major character is completely up to you.

Favonius - Once one of the Five Heroes, he teaches at the Magic School which is headed by Sailorgaea's mother, another one of the Five Heroes. He's later revealed to have manipulated Ares to gather information about the Sailor team, and he manipulates the Dark Trobe to get back at Yahriel. He was friends with Sailorchronos before she mysteriously disappeared. This Character is Taken.

Chloris - One of the three witches of the Dark Tribe, she is a direct descendant of their former leaders. She is in love with Favonius, however, does not openly tell this. She feels like she has responsibility over the Tribe, however, she turns to Favonius when he offers the Tribe freedom in exchange for their labor. She is currently posing as the leader of the Magic School, in a disguise that makes her look like their leader, and imporisoned the real leader. This character is taken.

Praseodymium - The second-eldest of the three witches, she is currently posing as a head priestess in Yahriel's Shrine. She is the most sentimental of the witches, and feels what they're doing is wrong. Near the end, she is severely injured by her sisters, and unlocks the gate to the Death Emperor. She then disappears and doesn;t reapopear until the end, where she says she'll find a place for the Dark Tribe to live in the Green Earth.

Neodymium - The third and youngest sister of the three witches, she is currently posing as a fortune teller at Submarine Harbor. She has contact with Ares. She's also the meanest of the three sisters, and repeatedly attempts to put a dent in their plans. This character is taken.

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