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The System

Here's how we run things. Pocket_Demon has a very controlled storyline and plot points which probably run deep to the amateur RPer. In order to kep things in line, you are allowed a certain amount of freedom.

First, when we start, we'll give you the address of the place where we let you sign up for episodes. We'll have a lost of certain character required to be in it. When you send any replies to the current RPG, please, please, PLEASE delete all the ">'s" and "Re:'s" in the subject and titles, not to mention all the addresses. Please don't delete any part of the current RPG. ONLY the GMs are authorized to do this if the entry gets too long. If you do not sign up, you will get one point against you. Three points of absences in a row and we'll kick you out and keep your character.

Every few episodes, we'll allow a few character episodes. You may suggest an idea to us, and we'll send out the RP.

In the beginning of the message, we will put down an episode summary. You are expected to follow the plot. If you stray away or power-game, you will get one point. There are a total of six points. Once you hit six, there are no questions asked. You're out. And your character stays. Too bad for you. There will also be a character/member list. You are expected to fill out that information.

If I think of any more ways to micro-manage you, I'll put them here.

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