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Soldier of the Moon

"I am the soldier of our beloves planet, I am Sailorluna. In place of Planet Lunar, I will bring the force of damnation upon you!"

Tsuki Ankino Name: Tsuki Ankino
Translation: Fate of the Moon
Age: 15
Birthday: June 30
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Sushi
Least Favorite Food: vegetables
Favorite Subject: Art, P.E.
Least Favorite Subject: Writing, history
School: Selene Middle School (8th grade)
Family: Mother, father, little brother
Strengths: Caring, sympathetic, kind
Weaknesses: Picky, tempermental, clumsy
Hobby: Drawing, shopping, eating, sleeping, playing with her pet rabbit
Mission: Prevent the Death Empire from conquering Lunar
Dreams: To become a bride
Fears: Seeing her friends being hurt in any way
Power Base: Unknown

Ankino was just a normal girl until one day when she came across a cat named Diana. Diana was able to talk! Although Diana was hurt, Ankino took her home to take care of.

Later, Diana says she has suffered from partial memory loss from floating in space searching for Ankino. She gives Ankino a henshin brooch and tells her to yell out, "Power of Lunar, Transform Me!" Doing so, she henshined into Sailorluna, soldier of Lunar.

In her first mission (which was saving a bank), she comes across a scared girl named Arashi. Luna saved her and Diana said that she looked familiar somehow. Tristing her, Diana gave her a henshin pen. When Arashi yelled out "Aphrodite Power, Metamorphosis!" she henshined into Sailoraphrodite. Together, they are the force to save Lunar from the Black Empire lead by Queen Lanthanum.

In her sixth mission, the Sailor Team finds the mysterious phantom soldier, Sailorgaea, accompanied with her cat, Terra. In the seventh mission, she is finally revealed wholly and is introduced properly.


Power of Lunar, Transform Me! - Her first henshin phrase into Sailorluna. She holds up her brooch, and moons swirl out of it. One covers the screen, and Ankino is shown in "shimmering prism henshin format" (you know, transparent body, lotsa colors, etc). She blinks twice, and spins around clockwise. The screen goes to an aerial view, and her brooch's ribbons wraps around her, forming the body of the fuku. The view switches to a front view, and her gloves are formed as moons enclose on it and poof out. Then the screen zooms down into a side view and show her boots forming. The moons from the boots cover the screen and it shows her swirling counter clockwise, with her hair now pink. Moons wrap around her waist, poof out and form the skirt and belt. The screen closes in on her face, forming the accessories. Then she goes into her stance, with the Planet Lunar in the background.