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The World of Lunar

The World of Lunar

Well, taking that this is the future, you should know something about it.

In the future, mankind has developed anew with the moon being flourished with plants and water again, at the expense of Neo Queen Selenity's life. The moon has been renamed Lunar. All people over Lunar speak the same language. The planets and sun have been renamed also, since the people didn't know their original names.
Here's a quick conversion chart.

Original NameNew Name
Those are the planets. Gaea is often referred to as "The Blue Star" on Lunar. It has a big chunk of it ripped off and it looks like a crescent moon. It is mostly water, with twenty five percent of its surface area being either green or brown. It is not known if it can support life or not yet.

The "outer" senshi will not appear in this arc. They consist of Zeus and others behind it.

There are a few schooling options you may choose from. You may also choose home schooling. if you have an idea for a school, send it my way.

Selene Middle School

Currently Enrolled: Tsuki Ankino

This is a public school that teaches grades seventh through ninth. It is the mostly used school by children. It's not influenced by any religion.

Mission Private School

Currently Enrolled: Miryokuno Arashi

This is a private school that instructs children from grades first to ninth. Its religion is Altanese, which is the religion of Althena, the goddess who made life possible on the moon. You need to be pretty much rich in order to attend this school, and it doesn't accept transfer students. So you'd had better go there all your life. Its also an all girls school.

Umi no Tsuki High

Currently Enrolled: Chikyuuno Tenshi and Umi Hino.

Teaches grades ten, eleven, and twelve. Specializes in its swimming and water polo teams. Also teaches various arts, as dancing, ceramics, painting, etc. It has the implied religion of Mizuonnanese, which worships the goddess of the sea, Mizu Onna.

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