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Join Form
First off, fill this out as comepletely and everything as you can. Then send it to all three GMs so we can review it.

All Sailorsenshi are taken. Radon, Lanthanum, and Cerium are taken also.

The only characters appliable are the Lanthanum series elements on the periodic table.

Name: Tell us your name. Real or internet, it doesn't matter.
Age: Tell us your real age, please.
E-Mail: Tell us the e-mail you will use for this RPG.

Character: Tell us which character you want.
Age: Your character's age. Baddies could be either old or young; doesn't matter.
Profile: Tell us EVERYTHING about your character. History, stats, personality, habits, power base, everything you would find in a well-written profile. Be descriptive as possible.
Essay: Tell us why you want to be in this RPG. We don't like people who join 30 RPGs just for the hell of it.
Writing Sample: Give us a writing sample. Must be two paragraphs long. Do anything you like, but you may only control your character.

Good Luck